An Ounce of Prevention

You may have heard Benjamin Franklin’s popular saying “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” We can conclude that he meant taking precautions can prevent consequences later. What some do not know is that Franklin’s statement was originally intended for fire prevention. During a visit to Boston in 1733, Franklin was extremely impressed by the city’s fire prevention methods.  Franklin sent an unsigned letter to his own newspaper The Pennsylvania Gazette. Published on February 4, 1735, his letter — “Protection of Towns from Fire” — began with the expression “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Then he wrote about how a city should prepare itself for a fire. 


Franklin may have been using this phrase in regards to fire safety, but it is also significant in terms of our health. According to the CDC, seven out of 10 U.S. deaths are caused by chronic disease, while roughly half of the country’s population has been diagnosed with a chronic illness, including heart disease, cancer, diabetes, AIDS, or other conditions classified by the medical community as preventable. Statistics like these signal a need for greater national emphasis on proven preventive approaches to health care. Healthy People, a federal program administered by the United States Department of Health and Human Services, states routine cardiovascular exams alone save tens of thousands of adult lives each year, while vaccines save the lives of roughly 42,000 children on an annual basis. Preventive health screenings and primary care consultations have also been found to significantly increase life expectancy, particularly among the 30- to 49-year age group. National Institute of Health explains, up to date vaccinations, annual or biannual checkups as well as routine tests and exams are critical to preventative medicine.  


At Lake Country Medical Concierge our focus is on preventative medicine. Our focus on preventative medicine involves taking care of your long term health, making lifestyle changes, and being proactive about your risk factors for certain conditions so that you are two steps ahead before an illness strikes. Unlike traditional medical practices, we keep you healthy – not just treat you after you become ill.  In order to do so we complete a comprehensive annual wellness exam. This helps us to create a customized wellness plan that is personalized on your goals, lifestyle, family history, and health status. From there we focus on ensuring you stay physically and mentally healthy through support and guidance on nutrition, fitness, stress reduction, and improved sleep. 

Dr. Nicolas Chronos says “preventative medicine is at the heart of what I do. One important benefit of concierge medicine is the fact that my focus as a doctor is less about intervention and more about preventing disease and chronic illness.” The concierge model enables our practice to include extended visits, continuous follow-up, and a distinctive emphasis on prevention and wellness. These characteristics promote high-quality, individualized care.  When asked why they chose to become a member of our practice, many patients stated that they viewed a concierge practice membership as an investment in good health and disease prevention.


One of our members said, “They are concerned about your long term care, they make sure diagnostics are done as needed and have a focus on prevention. I feel very well taken care of.”