6 Reasons Why You Should Switch to Lake Country Medical Concierge

Concierge medicine is a membership-based healthcare approach that provides members with benefits rarely found in a typical medical practice. At Lake Country Medical Concierge we are dedicated to providing high quality,  personalized comprehensive care,  along with superior customer service. Our focus is on thoroughness, convenience, and accessibility throughout the year. We take a proactive approach to healthcare by preventing illness and disease from occurring.   Dr Chronos always says, “ Why do you need to get sick to get well, why not just stay well?”  With 24/7 availability, our goal is to be here when you need us. 

Concierge medicine offers many benefits to its members. Continue  reading to learn more about why you may want to consider Lake Country Medical Concierge as your primary care medical group…



1. Concierge Medicine Saves You Time

Concierge medical practices save you a great deal of time and hassle. You will get an appointment with us the same or next day.   The  average waiting time for an appointment at a traditional primary care practice is several weeks.  Here your appointment will start on time; meaning you will not be stuck in the lobby waiting an hour or so  for your visit to begin.  You will receive age appropriate screenings, bloodwork, and imaging in house keeping you from having to travel to another location and wait in additional waiting rooms. When you call us our team answers the phone call. You do not have to worry about calling several numbers and talking to a hierarchy of people to get in touch with your doctor. A dedicated team manages all concierge patients within the practice.  We understand that all of this time adds up. At Lake Country Medical Concierge we offer the convenience of time. 

2. More Quality Time With Your Doctor 

By limiting the number of patients at the concierge practice, we can offer additional benefits that are not possible in a traditional practice. On average, a concierge doctor spends 30 minutes with a patient compared to the seven or eight minutes that a traditional doctor spends. You will  have time to talk about all your health concerns and get your questions answered. We will work with you one-on-one to help you stay well and prevent illness. It is important to us to develop a great understanding of each patient’s medical history and issues.  Prevention is only possible with an in depth understanding of both medical and social factors that impact disease state development.

3. 24/7 Access to Your Doctor

We are available 24/7 to take your call. In addition, your call goes directly to a team member who knows who you are and has access to your medical history. This is critical to getting you feeling better faster. Quicker access also prevents emergency room visits because we can treat you over the phone or  see you in the office within 24 hours.  This enables not only continuity of care, but also access to the concierge care team when patients are traveling.  Through our remote patient monitoring systems we have the ability to closely monitor patients physiological variables at home, providing more consistent care rather than the episodic care seen only in the physician’s offices.

4. A Focus on Prevention 

Seeing patients more often and for longer periods of time means we can focus on preventative care. The episodic care traditional physicians provide focuses on identifying current issues and quickly resolving those matters. Concierge doctors can take the time to look at your entire health history on each visit, which often helps them identify and diagnose issues as they’re developing, rather than when they’re already serious. We work with our patients to identify risk factors, prevent disease and optimize treatment, from early detection to coaching patients on lifestyle changes that can prevent future health woes. 

5. Concierge Medicine is Cost-Effective

A concierge doctor can focus on fewer patients than a traditional physician, allowing them to focus on preventive care with better insight into each patient’s health. This can help control healthcare costs for those patients. The 24/7 access that is structured into concierge medicine reduces the number of emergency room visits. This in turn reduces the costly medical bills that come with ER visits.  Also, because of the preventative aspect of concierge medicine we get ahead of costly illnesses and diseases. Through prevention we minimize the medical bills that may arise down the road.  

6. In Office Tests and Screenings 

At Lake Country Medical Concierge we offer a wide range of inhouse diagnostics and screening tests. While you are in the office we have the ability to provide advanced imaging including top to toe ultrasound, echocardiogram, and nuclear stress testing. In addition, we have convenient access to in office or at home lab draws through Cleveland Heart Lab. We also provide in-house vaccinations, immunizations, and travel consultation medicine. 


At Lake Country Medical Concierge, our mission is to provide patient-centered access to compassionate, personalized health care which will optimize quality of life through our innovative care solutions. Members can experience better healthcare with more convenience. If you would like more information about our medical practice visit our website at lakecountrymedicalconcierge.com or call us at 706-510-3659.

Thank you for your interest in our Concierge Medicine program.